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Teaching and Learning Facilities available in Shimla Nursing College & School
  • Teaching Faculty
    Well qualified and experienced faculty are available.

  • Lecture Halls
    Well ventilated, adequate in number and spacious lecture halls with modern teaching aids.

  • Nursing Foundation Lab
    To provide comprehensive Nursing care to the clients admitted in the hospitals, students will be given preliminary training in patient care at the college laboratory. This lab is organized to learn basic and critical Nursing care with the help of manikins, simulators, models & modules (variety of adult & pediatric). The lab helps to develop the life from absolutely realistic revolutionary Nursing skills through “hands on training” under continuous supervision & guidance by expert teaching faculties.

  • Community Lab
    The lab is equipped with variety of Audio Visual Aids to practice health teaching in the community such as advanced models of health care system, simulation equipment, models, charts family set up to practice family & community health care. This lab ensures the students to learn home visiting bag technique & practice the Community Health Nursing while providing family health care at the door step of the clients using modified home visiting kits.

  • Anatomy & Physiology Lab
    Well-equipped Anatomy and Physiology labs are available to reinforce the theory knowledge about Human anatomy & Physiology with the help of adequate articulated skeletal, various bones, models, specimens, slides and charts 

  • Nutrition Lab
    This lab is designed to assist the student Nurse to acquire wide range of knowledge of dietetics in Indian settings & to understand the concepts of “Nutrition, Health & Disease” while planning the diet for individuals and groups in the hospital and in the community. The Nutrition laboratory is well-equipped with all modern amenities for preparing therapeutic for the patients.

  • Maternal and Child health Nursing Lab
    This lab is designed to help the learner to reinforce the learning about normal physiology of Pregnancy, Midwifery, and Obstetrics & Child Health Nursing. The lab is equipped with various manikins, models, palpation modules, birthing simulators & charts to develop hands on skills under the continuous guidance& supervision.

  • Computer Lab
    Shimla Nursing College computer lab is well ventilated and equipped with 20 computers available for training and practice purpose. This lab will be used by the students to practice the application of computers in the field of Nursing.

  • AV Aid Lab
    The lab is equipped with various electronic devices for the effective Teaching & Learning such as LCD projectors, Over Head projectors, T.V, V.C.R, C.D Player, Tape recorder etc.

  • Library
     Shimla Nursing College Library and Learning resource center is an invaluable resource for students and faculties of Nursing Education. It has the most complete collection of text & reference books, professional journal and Magazines. It is a most lively place in the college providing a comfortable and readers friendly environment that enables learning and advancement of knowledge and promotes scholarship. It is supported by highly skilled and trained library and information Professionals.

    Features of library:

    • Adequate text books and Journals (Indian AND Foreign)

    • Audio/Video Cassettes, Multimedia CDs

    • In-house photocopying, copying on pen drive and CDs.

    • Computer Lab setup with Internet Facility for students.

    • Broadband line for fast internet access.

To stop Raging, an Anti raging Committee and Anti raging Cell has been setup according to guidelines of State & Central Government.   



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